Standard: Reporting Students' Outcomes

Every six months, CIRR schools release an outcomes report. Each report must cover graduates from either 1/1-6/30 or 7/1-12/31 of the chosen year, and must be submitted during February and August for posting on the CIRR website as they are received. Reports received after March 1 and September 1 are late and posting may be delayed. Outcomes must be calculated and reports must be generated using the CIRR Outcomes Report Template spreadsheet, available at There are two spreadsheets, one for fixed-length and one for self-paced programs.

Fill in the blanks

Before producing your report, go back and check all of your data. (You may wish to do this 180 days after each class graduates, rather than waiting until the end of the reporting period.) If you've followed the procedures described in these standards, you should have all of the data and documentation you need to produce an accurate CIRR report. In practice, you may find that you are missing documentation on some students, have not reached out to some students enough to qualify them as non-reporting, or have not followed up with all of your "still seeking" graduates or "short-term contract" graduates who may have found more permanent work since. Complete any missing follow-up and obtain any missing documentation.

Produce your CIRR report

Use the CIRR outcomes report template spreadsheet to create your report to submit to CIRR. If you have followed the above steps, you can simply copy information from your CRM into the spreadsheet.

Course Length

For fixed-length programs, the Published Course Length must be in calendar days such that the following statement is true: If a student needs to repeat a module/section prior to meeting the graduation criteria, he or she should not count as graduated in 100% of the program length.

For self-paced programs, schools must report on all students who enrolled 12 months prior to the reporting period's start date until 6 months prior to the reporting period's start date. Schools must report the percentage of students graduated during the reporting period, the median time (in days) to graduation, and the percent of students graduating in two 30-day periods before and after the median days to graduation.