• Interested In Joining CIRR?

    Interested In Joining CIRR?

    Together, we'll place students first and set a new standard in transparency

If your school holds itself accountable for great results, then join us in raising the bar for the reporting of student outcomes in a transparent, straightforward, and verified manner.

And if your non-school organization wants to improve transparency in education outcomes, join us as a stakeholder member to support and inform our work.

School members commit:

  • To publicly join other CIRR schools adopting the agreed upon outcomes standards and documentation criteria.
  • To start documenting and reporting all students according to the adopted standards and documentation criteria.
  • To publicly report outcomes data under these standards within a year of joining.
  • To have their documentation and reporting of the standards verified by a third party at least annually.

Members also educate policymakers, the media, industry stakeholders, and other schools on best practices and the benefits of the CIRR standards.

All school members receive extensive support in the onboarding process to help them implement and comply with the standards.

For more information, email us at info@cirr.org.