• Schools With a Mission

    Schools With a Mission

    We place students and the public interest first when reporting and advertising school outcomes

We know that students need - and deserve - better data to decide if a school will suit their needs.

The code school industry has grown explosively because students and employers need the skills bootcamps provide. But to stay strong, schools need to deliver the skills that yield long-term professional opportunity. Clear, simple, validated reporting is how we know the system is working.

CIRR stands out in American higher education and corporate governance for taking proactive efforts to place consumers and public interests first.


Byte Academy
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Code Chrysalis
Code Platoon
Eleven Fifty Academy
Fullstack Academy
Hack Upstate Careers in Code
Juno College of Technology
Launch Academy
Project Shift
Tech Elevator
The Software Guild
The Tech Academy



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CIRR is a 501(c)(6) non-profit organization. Its board members are:

  • CIRR CEO: Sheree Speakman
  • Dan Pickett, Co-founder and Technical Director, Launch Academy
  • David Wintrich, Co-Founder & Chief Academic Officer, Tech Elevator
  • Erin Frazier, Senior Director of Operations, The Software Guild at Wiley
  • Lesia Harhaj, Director of Career Success, Fullstack Academy
  • Michael Kaiser-Nyman, Founder & President, Epicodus
  • Rachel Martinez, General Counsel, Turing School of Software & Design
  • Rachel McGalliard, GM and SVP, The Software Guild at Wiley
  • Rick O’Donnell, Independent Director, Co-Founder of Skills Fund
  • Sharon Wienbar, Independent Director, former coding bootcamp CEO

CIRR began as a project of Skills Fund, and we thank Skills Fund for donating its time, money, and resources to building CIRR.