• Protecting Consumers

    Protecting Consumers

    We place students and the public interest first when reporting and advertising school outcomes

Innovative workforce training schools, especially accelerated learning programs – often called bootcamps – have forged a new model in education: intensive, immersive training that saves students time and money to acquire in-demand skills needed to advance their careers. Having led in crafting a better model of education, they are now leading in creating a better model for accountability, trust, and transparency in higher ed.

As CIRR’s founding members, we know that students need - and deserve - better data to decide if a school will suit their needs.

Skills Fund, the industry’s partner for student financing and quality assurance, takes on the risk of student loan defaults and has a financial, as well as moral, interest in seeing the industry become more transparent. After all, Skills Fund’s unofficial motto is “We don’t finance students to attend crappy code schools.” To serve students and schools, Skills Fund led the formation of, and donates staff time to, the coordination of CIRR.

Course Report, the leading resource for prospective bootcamp students, is committed to providing the best information to consumers. Course Report will integrate CIRR's outcomes reporting into its website for ease of consumer access and understanding of which schools report outcomes to according to these standards.

Together, we are setting a national gold standard for reporting, publishing, and marketing student outcomes.


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The code school industry has grown explosively because students and employers need the skills bootcamps provide. But to stay strong, schools need to deliver the skills that yield long-term professional opportunity. Clear, simple, validated reporting is how we know the system is working.

CIRR stands out in American higher education and corporate governance for taking proactive efforts to place consumers and public interests first.

Any student considering a prospective coding school should ask if the school reports its outcomes according to the new, transparent, and un-gamed standards of CIRR.