• Interested In Joining CIRR?

    Interested In Joining CIRR?

    Together, we'll place students first and set a new standard

Does your school produce a great return on investment for students?

If you hold yourself accountable for great results, then join us in raising the bar for the reporting of student outcomes in a transparent, straightforward, and verified manner.

Are the standards difficult to implement?

CIRR members receive an easy-to-follow instruction guidebook and spreadsheet template to make the calculation and reporting of outcomes easy. Schools must be committed to implementing and maintaining robust documentation processes to ensure that third-parties can verify claims.

Is CIRR just for coding bootcamps?

While accelerated learning programs are the heart of CIRR's founding members, and we welcome other bootcamps and accelerated learning programs to join us, any school committed to high standards could implement the CIRR standards. Reason: virtually all students want to know if they'll graduate on time, get a job, and at what pay. The CIRR standards and methodology can answer those questions for all types of schools.

What is the commitment for CIRR member schools?

  • To publicly join other CIRR schools adopting the agreed upon outcomes standards and documentation criteria. 

  • To start documenting and reporting all 2017 cohorts according to the adopted standards and documentation criteria. 

  • To publicly report outcomes data under these standards on a semi-annual basis on the same outlined below. 

  • To have their documentation and reporting of the standards verified by a third party at least annually.

To publicly release student outcomes under the following schedule:

  • Graduation and placement data for all cohorts Jan-June will be reported by schools Feb 1st of the following year
  • Graduation and placement data for all cohorts July-Dec will be reported by schools Sept. 1st of the following year.
  • Only in the initial year of adoption, a school may alternatively publicly release an explanation on the respective reporting date as to why their student outcomes data is unavailable to be published under the new standards. 

What else are CIRR members doing?

CIRR continues work to develop additional standards essential to consumer protection and putting students first, particularly around truth-in-advertising and admissions and enrollment practices. Joining CIRR provides an opportunity for your school to collaborate with peers in developing these standards and shaping the future of how higher education and workforce development schools raise the bar for students.

Members also educate policymakers, the media, industry stakeholders, and other schools on best practices and the benefits of the CIRR standards.

How does my school learn more or join CIRR?

Just email us at info@cirr.org and we'll follow-up to answer any questions you may have and discuss the process for membership. Join us in setting a national standard for reporting, publishing, and marketing student outcomes.